Bruce Lambie : Director & Production Manager

Bruce Lambie

Director & Production Manager

Bruce Lambie is a Montreal-based theatre artist. Previous work includes directing the Montreal premiere of Ariel Dorfman’s SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER: Voices from Beyond the Dark (Scotch and Cookies Theatre), the world premiere of Heather McCuen’s 9/11 biographical drama Hope in Chaos (Simonsmith Theater), Sir Arthur C. Clarke’s How We Went to Mars, and the world premiere of Spider Robinson’s God is an Iron at the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane WA, both with Black Box Montreal. He designed lighting for Winter and Stones in his Pockets for the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head, NL. Bruce has taught technical theatre in Dawson College’s Professional Theatre program, he is a proud graduate of Bishop’s University and of the National Theater School of Canada. He is also a life-long Trekkie, and cannot believe he is actually directing Star Trek.

Elizabeth Cano : Producer & Playwright

Elizabeth Cano

Producer & Playwright

Elizabeth Cano has been a trekkie since the age of 6. Her previous productions include Shades Of Grey, Sir Arthur C. Clarke's How We Went To Mars, and God Is An Iron. She is thrilled to be part of such a talented team.

Jamie Walker : Stage Manager

Jamie Walker

Stage Manager

Jamie Walker has been involved in theater since her early teens. She quickly fell in love with the intricacies of bringing a piece of theater to life, and thus began her journey of stage management. She has taken the time to learn all of the roles involved, spending time as a technical director, set builder, stage hand, lighting tech/designer, sound tech/designer, working in costumes and props, and as an assistant director. She has done workshops on acting, but her fear of the spotlight has kept her backstage. She has worked on a large variety of shows, everything from small workshop productions and one man shows to full scale musicals and operettas.

Nanette Soucy : Assistant Stage Manager

Nanette Soucy

Assistant Stage Manager

Net is sneaking back behind the scenes of Montreal theatres after four years doing other similarly nerdy, but far more insular things. A 2006 graduate of Concordia’s theatre department, Net has been seen around Canadian stages since the turn of the century, wearing many hats including stage & production manager, (ribcage: this wide passage, Urban Ink Productions, The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Les Productions Temenos) set & props designer, (NotabBle Acts Summer Theatre Festival) all-purpose wrench-wench extraordinaire (Royal Winnipeg Ballet School, Marianopolis College, Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montréal) and producer & writer of geeky theatre for young audiences (From The Future). These days, you’ll find Net stacking fellow humans with Castellers de Montréal, dabbling in code, ambling along the Verdun waterfront with a frenetic little dog, farming strawberries on the balcony and dispensing pithy advice about your online dating profile. Many thanks to the Black Box crew for permission to board the starship Discovery!

Andrew Scriver : Technical Director

Andrew Scriver

Technical Director

Andrew Scriver is a Montreal based theatre designer, technician, and video artist—and the new Production Manager and Technical Director for Infinithéâtre. A recent graduate of The National Theatre School of Canada and an emerging visual artist, Andrew has in the past year designed lighting, sound, and video projections for fifteen productions in Quebec, Ontario, and Newfoundland. Some of his recent credits include the projection design for the world premier of the new music opera l'Homme et le Ciel (FAWN Chamber Creative Toronto); the lighting, sound and video designs for the world premier of the documentary theatre piece On Life and Living (Montreal); and being the festival lighting and sound designer for the Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head Newfoundland. He is originally from Peterborough, Ontario but has made Montreal his home for the past eight years. He is constantly seeking out new ways to bridge the gap between his artistic pursuits and his love for the endless possibilities of digital technology. Concurrently with Star Trek Discovery, Andrew has been designing the video and sound for Mutement in Venue 3 as part of the Fringe Festival.


Marilene Desrosiers : Stagehand

Marilene Desrosiers


Marilene is a Montreal based designer and stagehand who loves to draw characters and dabble in set and props design.

Ever since she was a kid she had folder upon folders of characters drawn on all sorts of papers. For a while, she dabbed in animation and while she was happy to see her characters come alive on paper, it took way too long for her taste.

Meanwhile, she was also a giant geek who enjoyed immensely making costumes of her favourite characters for comic and anime conventions. So she realized this: why not join her love for drawing characters and her love for building costumes?

Thus she decided to join the Professional Theatre program at John-Abbott College from which she graduated in May 2014. In summer 2013, she enjoyed travelling and working with the John Abbott College crew, for Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and wish to repeat the experience one day, because damn man, it was a lot of fun! While she been volunteering for the Montreal Fringe Festival ever since that experience, it is her first show on her home turf. Ah, home sweet home!

Christina Garofalo : Graphic Designer & Web Admin

Christina Garofalo

Graphic Designer & Web Admin

Christina Garofalo is a seasoned graphic designer with a passion for theater. She graduated from Dawson College Illustration & Design and Concordia University with a BFA in Design. She has created many posters for the Fringe Festival and other theater productions including Shades of Grey (Fringe Festival 2010 - Best production design), How We Went To Mars, Robin Hood: Redux, Speak Truth To Power, Crazy Love, Suspended Pieces and many others.

Kita Mendolia : Tailoring Consultant

Kita Mendolia

Tailoring Consultant

Kita Mendolia is a seamstress and costume designer. She is in her second year at the National Theatre School of Canada. She specializes in historic costume reproduction, cosplay, and Japanese street fashions. Recent work includes custom early 19th c. gowns, a Lady Data TNG bodysuit, and a series of doll size replicas of a personal wardrobe for a photography series. Kita is beyond ecstatic to have part of the Star Trek: Discovery team.

Sophie Ricard : Make-up artist & Actor

Sophie Ricard

Make-up artist & Actor

Sophie is a Montreal born artist, with a passion for makeup. She studied film, stage and SFX makeup in the School Of Makeup Art's extensive program in Toronto, and spent some time there working mostly in fashion. Now back in her hometown, she is expanding her SFX knowledge and branching out in film and television. She also moonlights as an illustrator and actor.

Emily Soussana : Set Designer

Emily Soussana

Set Designer

Emily Soussana is a Montreal based set, costume & video designer.  She is currently in her third year studying scenography at the National Theatre School of Canada.  Emily's main interests in theatre involve the integration of technology into traditional art forms and the exploration of how visual art can help facilitate the telling of a story. Selected past credits include: The Sink - director & designer (Ottawa Fringe 2015, Judges Choice award), Fair Cruelty - costume designer (Edinburgh Fringe 2015) & English as a section language workshop - co-creator & facilitator (Maison de la culture du Rivière-du-Loup 2015).

Zak Thriepland : Designer-in-residence

Zak Thriepland


Zak Thriepland is a production designer in both film and theater. He is a proud Montreal native, trained at the John Abbott College Professional Theater program. He has worked extensively with Black Box Montreal in previous efforts “How We Went To Mars” (set design) and “God is an Iron” (set & costume). Outside of Black Box Montreal, Zak is best known as the costume designer for the second season of  “LARPs” (Beanduck Productions, Geek &; Sundry), for which he won the Indie Series Award for Best Costume Design in 2016. Other credits include “The Tempest” (Kaleidoscope Theater), “Living Room. Dark.” (inFurnace Theatre), and “No One Like Hugh” (Playwright Hero).

Jordan Walder : Sound Design

Jordan Walder

Sound Design

Jordan Walder is a Montreal based sound technician and sound designer, who is always looking for the next fun project to work on. His education includes the professional theatre programme at John Abbott college and the audio recording technologies programme at Vanier college. His most recent accomplishment was completing the work study programme at the Banff Centre for the arts as a sound technician, and he will be returning to the Banff Centre as Staff this summer. Jordan is very excited to be working with Black Box Montreal for the first time! Special Thanks to Cameron Tsliain for his piano expertise.

Chris Wardell : Video Designer

Chris Wardell

Video Designer

As an emerging production designer and puppeteer, Chris has recently graduated from The National Theatre School in 2015. Chris loves working with Black Box as he gets to learn new effects and produce videos with interesting effects. Chris is also performing as a puppeteer in Mutement this Fringe 2016 at NTS. Once you go to NTS you can NEVER leave! Happy to be apart of the Fringe as an artist this year. See you around.


James Murray : Actor

James Murray


There are many things James enjoys about working with Black Box productions: writing bios is not one of them. So he hopes you will be able to grin as he bears it. Of course, if he bares it all no one will be grinning. It has been an interesting start to the year, with a turn as the Nasty Nazi in Race - The Jesse Owens Story to being in a short, The Gas Station that was just seen in Cannes and just finishing playing the lead in a wonderful short film Father Forgets. He would like to thank Black Box for bringing him back in a role that, this time, will not have audiences wishing his early demise.

Melissa Allina-Tayler : Actor

Melissa Allina-Tayler


After spending her childhood sleeping back stage, observing hours of rehearsals, and correcting her mother’s lines, it was only natural that Melissa Allina-Tayler would become a Stage Manager. However, it was acting that became her ambition. After attending her first acting class at the age of six, she never looked back. Since graduating from Capilano University’s Acting for Stage and Screen program, Melissa has performed in both Vancouver and Montreal. Some of her favourite roles include, “Little Sister” in Little Brother, Little Sister, “Dorine” in Tartuffe Born Again and the “Fox” in The Little Prince. This is Melissa’s third show in the Fringe Festival and is very happy to be sharing the experience with such a great cast and crew. She would like to thank her husband, step-daughter and neighbours for putting up with her line memorizing techniques (yelling). She would also like to extend a special thank you to her mother, Ursula, and her cousin Mariana; you keep me going when it is easier to stop, push me to be greater, and inspire me on and off the stage. I wouldn’t be her without you.

Natalie “Tali” Darbyson : Actor

Natalie “Tali” Darbyson


Natalie is delighted to be fringing with Black Box Productions again. After performing in 2008’s Robin Hood Redux: There Will Be Tights, she has become a frequent fringer as a performer, volunteer and audience member. Some of her favorite stage roles include Karen in God Is An Iron (which she performed in Montreal as well as at the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington), Carla in Glory Dazed, Essie in You Can’t Take It With You, the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland and the titular diminutive monarch in The Little Prince As Told By Machiavelli. You may have also heard her voice in some TV commercials. As a playwright and performer her credits include Robin Hood’s Rebellion (Centaur Saturday Morning Children’s Series), Austen for the Attention-Impaired and Afternoon Tea With Jane Austen (Audience Choice Award – FRIGID New York Festival). This July, she will perform at Montreal Comiccon in play readings of The Taken and Suffer the Little Children. She thanks the amazing Montreal Fringe volunteers and staff for all their hard work. She also thanks her family for their love and support (and for lending her the minivan to schlep props.)

Mariana Garcia : Actor

Mariana Garcia


Mariana began to discover her passion for acting since she was little doing small theatrical representations at school and making her own plays. Growing up she started to take theatre classes in high school and she did her first theatre play En Pièces Détachées by Michel Tremblay. She also participated in short films for students including her sister who loves all what involves cinema direction. She wants to express her gratitude toward Black Box Montreal team who gave her the opportunity to be part of this exiting play as it is her first Fringe. She is looking forward to get more involved.

Alan Heillig : Actor

Alan Heillig


It's Alan's ear for accents that got him started in the acting game nearly thirty years ago. He began taking acting courses at Montreal School of Performing Arts "Merely as a hobby". But once he landed his first role in a play called "A Cry in the Park", he got his first taste of blood and decided to make acting his career. Some of his many other stage credits include Scrooge in Christmas Carol, Sabot in Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, and Roy Calder in James McClure's Lone Star. Besides appearing on stage, Alan's also appeared in a great many independent and big-budget films. One of the films he starred in, entitled "Takes Two to Hustle" was shown at the New York Film Festival recently. Alan would like to thank Bruce, Liz and Jamie for allowing him to be part of this production, and he hopes you all enjoy the voyage!

Alia Lahlou : Actor

Alia Lahlou


Alia Lahlou is a Moroccan-born actor living in Canada. After finishing her degree in International Relations in Buenos Aires, Alia moved back to Montreal and decided to pursue acting. She has taken acting classes and workshops in Canada, Argentina and Morocco. She has also worked on several college projects and amateur plays. Alia is currently studying at Straeon Acting Studios in Montreal.

Lindsay Milner : Actor

Lindsay Milner


Lindsay has been performing in the theatre (and enjoying Star Trek!) since she was a little girl. Some of her favorite past theatre credits include Magenta in The Rocky Horror Show (Mainline Theatre), Rona Lisa Peretti in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Processed Theatre), Jane Hopcroft in Absurd Person Singular (Griffin Town Theatre), Ditty in Moo (ASM Performing Arts), and Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet (Grand Theatre, Kingston). In 2009 she wrote, produced, directed and performed in the comedy SCREW: The Sexual Curriculum Remedial Education Workshop as part of the Montreal Fringe, and she loves volunteering and performing in this festival! In her other life, she is an educational designer, and enjoys delighting children with the wonders of science and our amazing universe. She is thrilled to be working with such a dedicated cast and crew, and she thanks her husband Marc for his love and support.

Matias Rittatore : Actor

Matias Rittatore


Matias has been loved theatre and sci-fi since he was a kid. Currently preparing to enter Concordia's Performance Creation program, he is delighted to be given the opportunity to work with such a great cast and crew in bringing such an iconic show to the stage, and strongly encourages viewers to check out the rest of the Fringe!

Andile Win : Actor

Andile Win


Andile is an actor from Zimbabwe, and is currently in his 3rd and final year in the Theatre Performance program at Concordia University. His last show was A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which he played Flute, under Repercussion Theatre's Amanda Kellock. He also directed Uzuri: Lost But Not Found, an annual cultural showcase by the African Students' Association of Concordia./ASAC. He shall next be performing in the 2016 - 17 theatre season, titles to be announced.

Annie Yao : Actor

Annie Yao


Annie Yao is an actor, writer and producer currently based in Montreal. She has a B.Sc. from McGill Universty and discovered her passion for acting after graduation. Her specialization in movement and character work allows her to pursue her love for comedy and other challenging roles. She’s done a number of acting workshops around Montreal (MSOPA, ASM, Elite Casting, Jason Cavalier) and has a DEC in Professional Theatre in Acting from John Abbott College. Post graduation, she had undergone Black Theatre Workshop’s Artistic Mentorship program specializing in Acting. She had also been lucky enough to have played a multitude of challenging characters including the autistic Min-Su Tan in Sex & Ethnicity, and evil mayor Jill Wong in french the pilot of Les Cols Bleus Blues. Her most notable lead roles in recent productions include Steph from the play Stroke, Stacy in the webseries The Wok, and Tessa in the upcoming short A Day In An Actor’s Life. She is very thrilled and honoured to be part of this very exciting new Star Trek fan production. After all, it is only logical to experience positive emotions towards exploring new frontiers.

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