God is an Iron

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our run in Montreal! If you missed it, you can still pick up a copy of the show from our store!

God Is An Iron

God Is An Iron
Story by SPIDER ROBINSON from the novel, Mindkiller
As presented at the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention, Spokane, WA (USA)
Adapted for the stage by ELIZABETH CANO
Directed by BRUCE LAMBIE
September 16-20, Mainline Theatre
3997, boul. St-Laurent

“…a thoughtful and innovative adaptation of one the greatest works of Canadian literature;
Cano’s “God Is An Iron” is (speaking as a lifelong theatregoer) one of the finest plays I’ve ever seen. “

– Robert J. Sawyer, creator of ABC’s FlashForward, 2003 Hugo award winner for Hominids

“I smelled her before I saw her” is one the seminal first lines in all of science fiction. It paves the path for Joe, a young man with no past, to meet Karen, a young woman with no future. As he puts her broken body and mind back together, he sorts through the shattered fragments of her life trying to find something worth living for. The play is a faithful adaptation of Spider Robinson’s infamous short story of the same name, which he later expanded into the novel Mindkiller.

“God is an Iron […] does what science fiction does well, building a human story around an idea of the future.”

– Matthew David Surridge, Black Gate SF

“My first suicide attempt was when I was 7 years old,” says producer Elizabeth Cano. “My last was 5 years ago, and left me in a 3-day coma. I long ago lost count of the times between.” The themes of abuse, trauma, depression and despair are close to the entire crew, which has battled these demons with her. However, the play’s messages of hope, connection and a path out of the darkness are supported by today’s medical research. By framing a cure in terms of the drama- how two people can reach out and support each other- Black Box Montreal believes this important message is more powerful, moving and motivating than any published study.

“The importance of this play in addressing crucial issues of abuse and suicide should not be undervalued.
It is rare to see a production that so precisely explores a delicate issue in mental health with such depth of understanding and empathy.”

– Dr. Norman Hoffmann, M.D., F.R.C.P.C

Elizabeth Cano has assembled a powerful cast and crew to interpret this piece. The production is directed by Bruce Lambie, graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Production program and recipient of the 2006 Rights and Democracy Network Award of Recognition (Speak Truth to Power), and stars Tali Brady (winner of the 2010 FRIGID New York Festival Audience Choice Award ) and new local talent, Gordon WattsChris Wardell, another graduate of the NTS, creates an immersive and intricate projection design that brings the stage to life, while Zak Thriepland’s set and costume designs give a detailed look into Karen’s life. Shawn Baichoo’s expert fight direction provides life and fire to the fight sequences and physicality of the show.

“I was completely blown away. Great adaptation, great cast, great set, great direction. Great music too.”

– Spider Robinson, author of God is an Iron

The show was presented on August 20th 2015, to wide acclaim, to the membership of 73rd World Science Fiction Convention on the Integra Ballroom stage of Sasquan. The literate and engaged audience in attendance also participated in an in-depth question and answer session, which incorporated author Spider Robinson by Skype, following the show.

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